Viral TikTok Shows Woman Calmly Handling Angry Woman Upset Over Pride Month Post

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Source: @actuallynothx on TikTok.

Posted a few days ago, TikTok user @actuallynothx posted a video of the discussion she had with an angry woman who was upset that the company she worked for posted an acknowledgment for pride month on social media. This woman would be known as a Karen, who is a character many attribute to calling to complain to a manager about issues that are usually incredibly small. The woman, named Hannah, calmly explains to the lady that if she wanted to continue to yell instead of having a back and forth conversation that she would hang up.


This lady was mad that the company I work for posted about #pridemonth🏳️‍🌈 on social media #customerservice #karen #foryou

♬ original sound – Hannah

The woman was angry and attempted to relate children drinking or having things put in their drinks to the posting of pride month, and Hannah notes that the two have no correlation. This only makes the lady over the phone increasingly angrier, claiming she does not understand the point she is trying to make. Though the lady continues arguing, Hannah continues to be polite and try to address the lady’s concerns. The lady notes that she thinks she is “a disgusting human” after Hannah says she will hang up if she is going to continue to yell at her. Hannah hangs up the phone after this, setting an example for other people in customer service. One person comments “I wish every company let us stand up to customers like you’re standing up to this lady.”


Reply to @ohrangacan trying again bc it got deleted (this one is not as fun as the first vid tho) #karen #pridemonth🏳️‍🌈 #customerservice

♬ original sound – Hannah


TikTok’s response

In a second video, showing a preview to earlier parts of the conversation, the woman notes the high rise of suicides within youth. Hannah notes that many youth wil committ suicide due to the lack of their support within communities, to which the woman disagreed and argued with.


Though the video’s focus was originally pointed towards the harsh and unkind words the lady continued to spew to Hannah, the discussion was pulled towards how Hannah was polite but firm with the woman. Often, customer service workers are forced to sit through being yelled at or admonished for decisions that they have no control over. Though ultimately the video was expressed to show how people are still upset with companies posting in honor of pride month, the video also highlights how many workers of customer service are treated and how to handle it politely but also firmly.

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