TikTok Creator Trends For Taking Down Misogyny In Middle School

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A TikTok creator named Ava (@avisalpha) posted a “get ready with me” style video documenting her telling a story while applying skincare and makeup products. The format of video has been a mainstay within the digital space for years, but Ava’s candid storytelling skills have quickly launched the video to over one million likes and views, with thousands of duets. In the video, she calls out some of her middle school aged male classmates for commenting on her body and disrespecting the female students in their classes.

The unapologetic nature of the video has rapidly attracted a vast fan base for the young content creator, from onlookers and educators alike.


dont attack me ! #fyp #viral

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In an environment in which young men are historically excused for their behavior towards their classmates, educators and young adults alike are applauding her ability to stand up for herself and maintain a strong sense of self.


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Elsewhere, some therapists and mental health professionals also applauded her ability to speak her mind and work through what’s bothering her.


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The brutal honesty of Gen Z is widely regarded as one of the behavioral hallmarks of the generation. In recent months, digital creators continue to highlight just how much the generation differs from several previous groups. The video that rekindled the ongoing interest in the generational divide was posted by a creator named Ludny (@ludknee) on the platform, in which she “tests” her best friend in a number of simple ways that illustrate the difference in generations.


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Among the tests were the ways both women picked up the phone, rolled down a car window, made a heart gesture with their hands, and their preferred cut of denim. Each generation tends to influence trend cycles in unique ways, but the minute details that are now differentiating the current generations of young adults are receiving muddled reactions.

On a more serious note, parenting styles are frequently up for discussion among young educators. Particularly, a number of Gen Z teachers continue to share on TikTok that their Gen Alpha students are unable to perfom academically at the appropriate level, and additionally display a number of behavioral issues. The phenomenon has long been dubbed as “the iPad kids,” as some millennial parents will hand their children an iPad for entertainment instead of resolving the issue at hand.

Outside of the behavioral issues, some Gen Z teachers are criticizing millennial parents for allegedly not encouraging educational content at home. Specifically, literacy and analytical skills continue to appear challenging for Gen Alpha students across the country.



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This criticism aside, many do reflect upon how Gen Alpha appears to be incredibly communicative about their emotions and conflict resolution. This phenomenon is reflected in Ava’s viral video about middle school gym class politics.


Gen Alpha both intrigues and terrifies me #genalpha #teachersoftiktok #elementaryteacher #emotionalintelligence

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Ava continues to share videos about her daily life on her TikTok page.

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