TikTok Famous Musician Stephen Sanchez Trends as Cheating Scandal Surfaces Online

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Singer-songwriter Stephen Sanchez, who reached viral fame on TikTok with his song “Until I Found You”, now faces mounting pressure to address a controversy. The song has soundtracked thousands of love stories and weddings on the platform since its 2021 release.



Couldn’t be happier for these two #proposal

♬ Until I Found You – Stephen Sanchez

The song even went on to feature in the Netflix hit show Ginny and Georgia, of course during a wedding scene. The show took the duet version of the song, which features singer-songwriter Em Beihold, to new heights.


IN THE FINALE TOO #ginnyandgeorgia #manifestation

♬ Until I Found You – Em Beihold Version – Stephen Sanchez & Em Beihold

Sanchez dedicated the hit song to his then girlfriend, fellow singer-songwriter Georgia Brown. The pair posted several clips of them covering music and writing originals together, before their breakup in December 2021. Brown posted a brief clip of an original song at this time, which included lyrics insinuating that Sanchez may have cheated on her.


flowers in your hair- the lumineers @thelumineersofficial @stephensanchezofficial #fypシ #thelumineers #flowersinyourhair

♬ original sound – Georgia Brown



here’s something I wrote #original #originalmusic #fypシ #phoebebridgers #gracieabrams #singersongwriter

♬ original sound – Georgia Brown

In the months following their breakup, the couple remained private regarding the end of their relationship. In July 2022, Stephen Sanchez was interviewed for Genius Lyrics, where he explained that the inspiration behind the song was his relationship with Georgia, and he took responsibility for the end of their relationship. He stated that he “Completely pushed her away” citing family and life difficulties at the time they were dating.

In an interview ahead of the release of his 2022 EP, Easy on My Eyes, Sanchez stated that he shared the songs with Georgia prior to their release, despite them having broken up months prior.


Music heartthrob Stephen Sanchez tells us about his new EP ‘Easy On My Eyes’ and his ex Georgia… 👀 #Studio10 fyp #stephensanchez @Stephen Sanchez

♬ original sound – studio10au

What seemed like a mature breakup that both artists were processing through their music quickly took a turn in December of 2022, when several women came forward on TikTok and alleged that Sanchez cheated on or emotionally manipulated them. Singer-songwriter Willow Avalon led the charge. She initially shared a snippet of a song that Sanchez wrote about her and shared with them before they ended their relationship in October.



Why am i doing this #fyp

♬ Sneaky Snitch – Kevin MacLeod



My blood is boiling:) #fyp

♬ Until I Found You – Stephen Sanchez

Avalon duetted a video alongside another woman named Katya, who said that Sanchez “does not deserve a platform.” Users were quick to point out that Sanchez shouldn’t be cancelled for his poor relationship decisions. But Avalon responded alleging that darker things occurred in their relationship, and that as of December, she was working on building a case against him alongside several other affected women.


♬ –

Throughout all of this, Sanchez’s career continues to blossom. He had the opportunity to meet Sir Elton John, go on tour, and most recently made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to perform his latest single “Evangeline.”


Please, welcome Stephen Sanchez – @jimmyfallon

♬ Evangeline – Stephen Sanchez

Following the recent “Evangeline” release, Avalon took to TikTok to explain that there were allegedly 12 women that Sanchez was seeing at the same time. She elaborated in the comments that he “put them all in danger health wise” and “ruined their first relationship memories.” Allegedly, several of the women in question are also singer-songwriters.


He really fumbled the bag with all 12 of us girls that he was dating at the same time ???? but yall keep on getting married to his songs… #fyp

♬ original sound – ؘ

Sanchez is yet to address the controversy that is quickly reaching thousands on TikTok, and neither have his frequent musical collaborators. Aside from speaking highly of Georgia Brown, he has never addressed Willow Avalon or the allegations. The biggest irony of the situation is that Sanchez has built his career on writing heartfelt love ballads, but may not have practiced what he preached.

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