TikTok Users Protest on the Fourth of July By Wearing Pink and Black

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To protest the overturning of Roe V. Wade from the Supreme Court of the United States, TikTokers encouraged people to wear pink or black to protest the Fourth of July.

Since the holiday celebrates freedom from Britain and overall celebrates liberty for all in the U.S., many on TikTok felt that their right to abortion was revoked and that this 4th of July was nothing to celebrate in the wake of recent events.

To protest, many TikTokers opted for black and pink instead of the traditional red, white, and blue. Hashtags supporting this form of protesting accumulated thousands of views with many young women participating, but some people thought this disrespected people who fought in the military for America.

As some people showed off their outfits, which is an example of peaceful protesting protected in our constitution, some people celebrated this and joined in. One TikTok described how she talked to a veteran at her work, who planned to protest by turning his American flag upside down. In flag signals, this indicates distress.


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Some people, however, disagreed with protesting on the Fourth of July and believed this to be disrespectful of veterans and people who fought in the military.

One person said that they were not wearing red, white, and blue to celebrate or in remembrance of the U.S. government, but the troops, so the protest did not make sense.


“It’s about the troops fighting for our country to be free therefore the meaning of independence day. Without them, we wouldn’t even be celebrating,” one person commented.


I love my country NOT my government #greenscreen #fyp #women #prochoice #america #4thofjuly #redehiteandblue

Still, many people decided to protest by not wearing the flags of the American flag, despite some people believing this to be disrespectful.

Overall, it seemed to be a very divisive trend circulating on TikTok as people defended why they decided to protest or why someone found it inappropriate.

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