TikTok Reacts to Creator Not Tipping Due to Inflated Options

To tip or not to tip?
By Savannah Moss
Image: @Onswin | TikTok

In a recent TikTok posted by user @onswin, who just goes by J on TikTok, he causes a controversy when he says that he chose not to tip after his tip choices were “inflated.” The TikTok, although a joke, refers to being asked to tip at a coffee shop, where many baristas are not tipped. Many say they do not tip baristas as the job is not really being a server, and they are paid hourly as well. Many who go to coffee shops say that they are asked to tip with percentages of 20-25, even if they just ordered a coffee.


You can back up a lil bit 🤨 #fyp #notip #foryou #barista #comedy

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The conversation of tipping baristas is controversial, as some say that they would not tip a cashier and they do similar things. Some disagree, as they point out there is more labor than being a cashier, as they might also make a coffee or actual food. One person wrote “tip for waiting in line placing the order myself paying myself and picking up the order myself? Yeah, I think not. tips are for waiters and drivers.” Many also said that they do not tip fast-food workers, so why would they tip a barista?

Image: @onswin | TikTok

Others, however, pointed out that baristas are not paid a lot, even if they might be paid higher wages than a server. Many pointed out that these people still want to live and be able to pay their bills, and that this is what they are doing in order to do so. One commenter wrote, “As a barista, we appreciate all tips considering we are making your drink from scratch.” Many pointed out that if you did not want to tip, you can make your own coffee at home.


Literally just charge me the extra $2 for my meal, stop making me feel uncomfortable. #tipping

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J is not the only creator to begin a controversial conversation about tipping baristas, as other creators have discussed this issue as well. One TikToker went viral as she said that “tipping culture is getting out of hand.” She says that she was asked if she wanted to tip when she went to a fast food place, which has never happened before. Many argued that they feel obligated to tip and feel weird saying no, but others argued that nobody is forcing you to, it is just a nice gesture to do for those working an often exhausting job. Overall, tipping seems to be a big debate these days online and many people feel very strongly about tipping or not.