TikTok User Claims to Facetime Her Boyfriend the Entirety of His 12 Hour Shifts Due to Lack of Trust

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Image: @flackoandnela | TikTok

This week on TikTok, a viral video is circulating on the app of a girl who claims she FaceTimes her boyfriend during the entirety of his 12-hour shift, not because she does not trust him, but she does not trust other “females.” In the caption, she says she might quit her job and come to work with him, which might be a joke, but at this point, it might be easier. The video, which now has over 760 thousand likes and 24 thousand comments, became quite controversial as people thought this to be quite toxic and unhealthy.


Might quit my job & go work w/ him ! ???? #4u

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The TikTok account, @flackoandnela, is a joint account between the boyfriend and girlfriend, but they each have their own accounts as well. The girlfriend, Nela, claims that her boyfriend “needs” to video chat with her throughout the entire shift because she does not trust the women who might be around him. However, many worry that this means she does not actually trust him as she claims. In one comment, someone writes “this is so extensive. if you cannot trust your man to handle women, you got a problem.”

Image: @flackoandnela | TikTok


In a follow-up video, she seems to change her tune, saying “Facetiming my boyfriend so I know he isn’t flirting with other girls.” Many wondered why she seemed to change her caption from claiming to trust him to not, but either way, some were concerned with the toxicity.


Submitted my resume already🥰 #4u

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It could be that the two are in on this together in order to make more views, or that the entire thing is a running joke between the two. On the boyfriend’s account, whose name is Flacko, he makes videos about how he has to pick up extra shifts and his girlfriend wants to leave him or how she makes him send her proof of what time he is clocking out.



Free flacko #4u ????????

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Even if it is just a joke or a ploy to garner more views, it does not seem like the best way to do so, as many commenters were encouraging the couple to break up if one does not trust the other. However, real or not, it does address the real problem of trust in relationships and why it is so important to build and keep trust.

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