TikTok User Pretends She Has a Live In Boyfriend to Keep Herself Safe From Male Stranger Coming to He House

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Image: @sulken | Tiktok

In a recent post on TikTok from user @sulken, she shows the routine for when she has a male stranger arriving at her home. In the video, she explains that someone is coming to give her a coffee table from Facebook Marketplace. In order to prepare, she makes her apartment look like she lives with her boyfriend, though she lives alone.



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In the video, she places men’s shoes near the door, her boyfriend’s hoodie, and a skateboard all within eyesight. This tells the stranger that she lives with her boyfriend, who may or may not be home, but would not make her a target should he want to attack her. As a woman alone in a place with no witnesses, she wants to make it look like someone would be expecting her or notice if she were to be missing. In a follow-up video, many ask why she would not meet up with him in public, as this could still be dangerous despite the precautions.


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She notes that the table would have been too heavy for one person to carry and that him coming to her house was an easier option for her. However, this does bring a conversation to light around women’s safety. Many were commenting on what she could have done differently to protect herself, like making it seem like there was someone playing video games in another room. However, other comments pointed out what women have to do in order to protect themselves or feel safe when interacting with strangers, especially male strangers.

Image: @sulkens | TikTok


Many times, women are told to do countless things to keep themselves safe, from not going out when it is dark, travelling in pairs, or carrying a defence item. This video, though it has a joking tone, does highlight the thoughts women have when it comes to protecting themselves.


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