TikTok is Not Happy with This Viral Video of Customers Making Their Server Play a Game for Tips

There is quite a debate in this creator's comments about their recent good deed.
By Savannah Moss
Image: @Katizahlee | TikTok

In a recent TikTok stirring up divide on the app, a server is asked to play a game to receive her tip. The customers sit out a few bills, ranging from a few dollars to fifty, and ask her to turn around and whatever bill she picks up is the one she can keep. The server picks the 50 dollar bill and is also told to keep the change for her meal, as the customer wanted to “bless her.” The moment might have been sweet, but it was recorded and posted to TikTok, which some think removes the sincerity from the post. Others also asked why they made her play a game to receive the money, instead of just giving her the greater tip and not making her do something for it.


Blessed a nice lady today

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The TikTok, most likely posted to garner positive reviews for the good doing, did not get the expected positive reaction. Instead, almost no commenter was happy, saying that they should have just given her the money and not made her play for a game like that. One commenter, who is a server, said “This is kinda humiliating.” Others also said that it was humiliating that the video was posted, as most people who work do not want to be filmed and then put on the internet without their knowledge or permission. Overall, many were confused why the customers did not just give her the tip and move on, especially if they wanted to do something nice for her.

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Image: @Katizahlee | TikTok


This is not the first time we have seen good deeds go viral. The Bingham family on Youtube once posted a video of them paying for someone else’s groceries, and even Bryce Hall has posted a video of him giving away money to those who want to be included in his video. Overall, many people think this comes off a bit disingenuous and ruins the good deed, as it feels as if some are only doing the good deed in order to garner attention or praise.

However, the server did see the video and only had nice things to say in response. She did not feel embarrassed and even commented that it was a slow day, so she had time to do this and made the day fun. She asks commenters to not “critique a good deed.” Though this server seemed to enjoy it, others hoped it would not become a normalized thing to do to servers, as some noted that they personally would be embarrassed.