TikToker Called Out For Saying What Injections She Would Give Natalia Dyer

This was so weird.
By Savannah Moss
Image: @Np.miranda | TikTok

In a now-deleted TikTok, a creator who is also a beautician discusses what kind of injections she would give Dyer if she were to work for her. Although it is now deleted, most likely due to large-scale criticism online, one person was able to download the video and repost it to Twitter, where people also could not believe she would discuss what injections she thought someone needed.

In the video, the creator says she would treat her masseters to help “slim the face,” noting how much she loved to “treat” these muscles. She continued, saying she would add chin filler, lip filler, and even botox. In the end, she photoshopped Dyer into what she imagined she would look like after she finished her imaginary procedures.

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Many people online found this controversial, especially since the end result made her look quite different than what she actually looks like. Some also thought the edited version looked worse than what Dyer looks like, and overall just thought the video was rude, as suggesting the type of fillers someone thinks you need can be offensive.ย  For example, just because the person is a celebrity does not mean they are subject to criticism about their physical appearance. “This is an unbelievably gross thing to do,” one person noted. Other people noted this creator’s past TikToks they found a bit problematic, like one where she claims”can’t help but count how many units of Botox they need,” while having a conversation with someone.

Many thought that Dyer’s face was unique and different from other celebrities, but this was a good thing, and people should be allowed to have unique features without feeling like they have to have them “fixed.” Others also noted that not everyone wants to look a certain way, and Dyer is most likely perfectly fine with the way she looks and how odd it is to assume that she would not be. Overall, it was definitely not sitting well with people online.