TikToker Claims a Drunk Driver Hit Her Car and Drove Away Before Cops Could Be Called

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A viral TikTok posted a few days ago shows an interaction in a Taco Bell drive-thru after one driver bumped their car. The video is of all girls, with the person who hit the other parties’ car speaking slowly and a bit slurred, which is why the original poster claimed she was drunk. In the video, the girl says to not call the police and would give her 100 dollars instead, claiming there is no damage, but will also not give an insurance card and says she will call the police herself.  In the end, the driver who hit the car ends up driving away, leaving it as a hit and run.


Though the original poster, Abigail, most likely posted the video for solidarity purposes and support, the comments were divided and were not happy with either party. For example, one of the girls asks for 100 dollars to cover the charges, but still says she will call the police. The girl who hit her replies that she does not want to give her 100 dollars if she will call the police anyway, which some were in agreement with.

Image: @trappingod7752 | TikTok


Other people, including people who worked for the best cheap auto insurance in the area, though, were on Abigail’s side and definitely believed she was drunk, as the girl has a hard time getting words out and speaks incredibly slow. One person notes “The number of people calling them Karen’s, this girl is clearly intoxicated and should not be driving a car. She is going to kill someone.” Though some argued that the damage was not enough for a police report and that she should have taken the 100 dollars and left it at that, others believed she was drunk and could hurt someone. One person writes “I mean if there’s no damage on your car, is it that serious?” Others were concerned that the people who were hit did not handle the situation gracefully. This is precisely the reason why car insurance is a big deal in the country since there are a lot of reckless drivers.



Despite the popularity of the video, with 530 thousand likes and almost 9 thousand comments, there has been no update on the situation from the uploader, despite her uploading and being active afterward. She has also turned off comments on other videos, most likely to try to get away from comments and pleas for a second video.

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