TikToker Goes Viral After Claiming She And Her Boyfriend Do Not Kiss

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Image: @kaytlin.oneall | TikTok

In a recent TikTok that went viral with over 2 million views and thousands of comments, a TikToker reveals she and her boyfriend do not kiss and have not kissed during their two-year-long relationship. In the video, she describes the types of questions or comments she gets when she tells people, with people asking why or commenting on the self-control this probably takes.


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Although she is not the first person to not kiss their boyfriend or save kissing for marriage, the sister duo Girl Defined has made videos about this and why they made this decision before, many in the comments were still confused and wondered why the pair made this decision and how it impacts their relationship. Other comments, however, were not so polite, with some people wondering how their relationship differs from a friendship.


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In a video answering one of the number one questions, she explains she and her boyfriend decided this due to their religion of Christianity. She explains how although the Bible is clear on sexual intimacy before marriage, it does not address other things, like kissing, hugging, or holding hands. “There is not a clear-cut rule book,” she notes. She says before she got together with her boyfriend, she prayed about things like kissing and decided this was something she wanted to choose for her future husband.


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Some comments wondered if her boyfriend was gay, and that is why he didn’t mind not kissing her. But, she wanted to clear those rumors in another video, where she asks her boyfriend if he is gay, which he of course denies. Still, some people could not wrap their minds around dating someone without kissing and their relationship as a whole and had many questions or comments. But, other people were supportive of them and happy to see they were doing what makes them the most comfortable without overstepping or compromising boundaries. “These comments trying to invalidate your relationship are sad. Yall do whatever makes you comfortable, don’t feel pressured to do anything beyond that,” one person commented in support.


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