TikToker Goes Viral After Finding Items That Belong To Tinder Date’s GF

Let's not date if we're already taken, okay?
By Maddison Hill
maricela_rae on TikTok

If the new Netflix documentary Tinder Swindler didn’t scare you away from using Tinder, then this viral TikTok might do the trick. TikTok user @marciela_rae posted a video that has gained three million views where she is seen inside her Tinder dates bathroom doing a little snooping to see if he has a girlfriend. Clearly, this is something she does often.


Let’s not date if you have a S.O. okay? (🗣: @iammaddisonhill) (🎥: @mari 💓, @Ayesha) #viral #tinder #tinderswindler #baddatestory

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Unfortunately for this TikTok user, she did find some questionable items including pads, hair developer, two toothbrushes, and two loofah’s in the shower. One of which was pink, which kind of screams that this Tinder guy has a girlfriend. 


In the comments this TikTok user mentioned that she left immediately after finding these items and she left something for the alleged girlfriend as well. This is one reason why of all the dating apps, Tinder might not always have the best guys.