TikToker Goes Viral After Job Offer was Retracted After Quitting Job of 8 Years

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In a recent TikTok posted by @migimigz22, or just Migi, he reveals that his recent job offer was rescinded after he had already quit his job of eight years. In the video, he is obviously upset and crying, most likely stressed about the situation. The comments were very divided though, some offering advice and support, others leaving less than supportive comments, wondering why he would quit before signing anything.


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In other videos posted by Migi, it seems like this was a decision coming for a long time, as he posted TikToks before this one about wanting to leave the job and move on. In some, he talked about leaving the job for something new and how he was incredibly nervous to do this, as eight years is an incredibly long time to be doing something. In other TikToks, they were a lot less serious and just talked about he no longer wanted to be employed with the company. When he noted that his offer was retracted after already quitting, many were confused as to why he would do this, as many believe you should never quit a job until it is confirmed you have the new job. One person wrote, “I usually don’t quit until the last min I even go as far as using my PTO and sick leaves until my new job is secured.”


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Others offered him advice, noting that this just means it is a new time to do anything that interests him, and that it means he has more open doors than he usually would. One wrote, “It’s your sign to get out of your comfort zone and look for what really makes you happy, everything has a positive side.”


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Other comments were not so uplifting and positive, however. Some wondered if there was more to the story not being told by Migi, wondering the reason behind the job offer being retracted. Migi insisted there was nothing more to the story, which seems to be true, as he then announced he was able to get a new job that he would start soon. This ended up being a happy ending, but many wondered if this was a lesson for not only Migi, but others as well when quitting a job to start a new one.


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