TikToker Goes Viral For Telling Story About Dad’s Surprising Past

S/o to this dad for owning his past, we love to see it!
By Maddison Hill
madi.chilcot on TikTok

Let’s be honest, we all know our parents have some secrets, but this TikToke users dad had a big secret and now she’s gone viral for sharing it. This TikTok user named Madi has now gone viral for sharing the story of when her dad revealed to her and her sister that he was a male stripper for 7 years.


S/o to this girls dad for owning his past, we love to see it! (🗣: @iammaddisonhill) (🎥: @Madi Chilcott 🤍, @playboi) #viral #storytime #dadstory

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The original video is nearly three minutes long and has over 1.3 million views and in the video Madi reveals that after her parents got divorced, her dad came over one day and sat her and her sister down saying he needed to tell them something.

This is when he revealed what he did in his past, saying “I was a stripper for seven years.”

In addition to that, Madi’s dad also revealed that he wrote a book about his past and since this book was going to be published, he wanted his daughters to have a heads up.

Madi went on to share how she never told anyone about the book until she was in grade 12. In fact, she shared her dad’s secret during an exercise in her English class and long story short, her whole class ended up finding out. 

Based on Madi’s reaction in the video she’s fine with it, and honestly props to her dad for owning his past because there’s nothing wrong with it.