TikToker Says She Was Almost Kidnapped By Her Lyft Driver in Recent Viral Video

Always be super cautious, friends...
By Gabrielle Fiorella
Image: @mikailaisawesome | TikTok

Uber and Lyft have been credible services for years now, helping transport tens of millions of people get to where they need to go. While this is a fact, there have been plenty of horror stories over the years about them, more specifically with female passengers talking about how they were attacked by male Uber and Lyft drivers. While the companies do perform background checks for prospective drivers, these instances still happen often because it’s impossible to prevent every aspect of criminal activity that the drivers can commit against riders. TikTok user Mikaila Simone @mikailaisawesome made a TikTok detailing how she was among those female riders where she was put in a life-threatening situation by an Uber driver.


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She had been invited to a cast and crew after-party for her theatrical production at a bar in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Taking an Uber there, she admits she felt a bit off with him as the driver for a few reasons. Thank god she arrived at her destination safely and proceeded to have a good time with friends. At the end of the night, she called an Uber and waited for 30-40 minutes because all of them kept canceling on her. Growing impatient, she called a Lyft instead, but as soon as she entered the Lyft, the bad vibes were so evident. She immediately felt unsafe, saying the experience left “a pit in her stomach and was a sobering experience.”


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In her bag, just in case, she luckily had pepper spray and defense weapons. Mikaila quickly remembered a video she had seen detailing that when you are in a car with a stranger (i.e. an Uber/Lyft), it’s smart to call someone and give in detail to them where you are. The driver had apparently been looking back at her and adjusting something in his waistband. Mikaila called her sister and while being on the phone with her sister, the driver looked visibly angry, started swerving the car, and turned the radio way up to get her to end the call. When they got to her apartment complex, she fully was concerned he would follow her home, so she hid behind a pillar while he drove away.


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Comments on the video flooded in, saying “you are very smart about your safety, and I am so glad you are okay, ” and “Thank god you pay attention to your intuition.”  Mikaila, we are glad that you are okay, and just a reminder to always remember to keep pepper spray and defense weapons with you to defend yourself in an Uber/Lyft if necessary.