christianmaxwell on TikTok
For legal reasons this TikTok is a joke.

 Before you continue reading this viral TikTok is a joke but, it is also causing quite the conversation. A TikTok user named Christian is a server in Times Square and he has now gone viral for a video that he posted where he’s seen filling in the tip on a bill.


If we all just tipped we wouldn’t need this joke (🗣: @iammaddisonhill) (🎥: @Christian Maxwelll) #viral #tipping #tippingculture #whatstrending

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He put text on the video saying “when your table only signs the credit card receipt and leaves the tip and total lines empty.”

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Although Christian clarified in the caption that he was making a joke, that didn’t stop people from sparking up a debate. Some comments said they’ve known people who have done this and others said this is why they take the second copy of the receipt.