TikToker Suspects Her Tinder Date Has a Girlfriend in This Viral TikTok

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What would you do if you went to your allegedly single Tinder date and found cosmetics and a pregnancy test in their bathroom? This exact thing happened and went viral to this TikToker, @lifeisahighway420.


Uhmmm what should I do? ???? #fyp #cheater #MyAncestryStory #DealGuesser #foryoupage #viral #firstvideo

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The Tiktoker posted a video examining these cosmetics with the sound saying “she knows.” She also has a plea in her caption, asking what comments advise her to do. She noted she was at a “tinder guy’s” apartment, highlighting that there were several things indicating he had a girlfriend, like a pregnancy test. The video went viral quickly after, with over 600 thousand likes and thousands of comments with support and advice.

Image: @lifeisahighway | TikTok


Many were joking that the bathroom looked too clean to possibly be one of a single man, who was categorized as more likely to have clutter or be disorganized. Some men were unhappy that she took the time to look through the cabinets, saying that this was an invasion of privacy. One person wrote that “You not respecting someone’s privacy is the biggest red flag…” However, others disagreed and said that the biggest red flag was the use of V05 soap and the lack of hand soap in the bathroom. All in all, however, many were looking for an update from the TikToker.


I felt terrible ???? but I’m glad she dodged a bullet by leaving him! ???? #fyp #cheater #AmazonMusicJingleBellTok #SpotifyWrapped #viral #stonetok????????

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The user obliged and gave users an update on the situation. She said that the cosmetics and such had belonged to the man’s girlfriend of 7 months. After finding her Instagram, she told her everything and explained the unfortunate situation. She said after becoming friends, the girl broke up with the boy, and they both blocked him. In the caption, she says “I felt terrible but I’m glad she dodged a bullet by leaving him.” Although not an ideal situation for either girl, many were glad that the poster did the right thing and told the girl who was being cheated on, as nobody deserves that.


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