TikTokers Theorize CERN is Opening a Portal to Another Dimension

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Image: @rxzesxo | TikTok

In the past few days, conspiracy theories exploded on TikTok surrounding CERN. CERN, or the European Center for Nuclear Research, restarted the Large Hadron Collider, a particle accelerator that helped scientists discover the Higgs Boson particle. They do this to better understand our universe and the protons within it. According to NPR, “after more than three years of maintenance and upgrades, the collider will launch again on Tuesday – this time tripling the data, maintaining intense beams for longer and generally enabling more studies,”

But, this caused conspiracy theorists online to theorize about what this means. Although this research tries to further prove the Big Bang Theory, some TikTokers claimed that CERN would be opening a portal. If this sounds like a season from Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things, that’s because it is, and the user even uses the theme song from the show. But, this TikToker seems to wholeheartedly believe what she says and implores users to continue to listen.


She claims they are opening a portal to “another dimension” and that the scientists know what they are doing, but are actively trying to hide it from public knowledge. She also says this is a good time to concentrate on manifesting and keeping vibrations high in order to attract the things you want into the universe.  And although some people joked about these conspiracy theorists’ oddball thoughts, many of them went viral and caused people to rethink what CERN was doing. ”




Some people theorized that this was actually happening on the fourth but they were trying to make it seem like it was the fifth so people did not know the actual date. But, not everyone was ready to participate in the conspiracy theorists, as they pointed out this is something being done to further understand our universe and further investigate the Big Bang Theory.

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