Tom Hanks Swears at Fans After His Wife Rita Wilson Was Tripped

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Matt Winkelmeyer/WireImage

Tom Hanks, known for being one of the kindest guys in Hollywood, recently cursed at fans and told them to “Back the f**k” off after his wife Rita Wilson was tripped after being sworn by excited fans. Although the two are familiar with being in the public eye, Hanks seemed to be overwhelmed and past his limit when his wife was tripped and almost lost her footing, which many agree that anybody would be. But now, some are wondering if this points to a toxic behavior some have when it comes to celebrities.

After fans and paparazzi swarmed Hanks and Wilson, who have been married for over 30 years, Hanks obviously did not appreciate people “knocking over his wife,” as he put it. Fans apologized as Hanks and Wilson got into their waiting car. Still, some noted that the two remained as calm as always and Hanks only lashed out when his wife almost fell. “Imagine being the person who makes Tom Hanks rise to this level of anger. I would never go out in public again,” one person wrote online.

Even Lebron James commented after watching the video, wondering what happened to personal space and “Now if Tom would have stole on one of them, he would be the one in the wrong and probably sued! How are they protected more than he and his wife?” Some also noted that the media were overreacting in the headlines, with one person noting “Tom Hanks momentarily, and understandably, loses his nice guy persona as over-eager fans practically knock over his wife Rita Wilson.”

Some argue that this comes with the territory of being a celebrity and is nothing new. But, some pointed out that there is a difference in being used to the intense pressure from fans and paparazzi in public, but this does not mean it is not a human reaction to be protective of their wife in a situation like this. LeVar Burton commented “Too many people mistake kindness for weakness. Don’t f*ck with Tom Hanks, y’all! He’s nobody’s punk.”


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