Tom Schwartz Distances Himself from Tom Sandoval ‘Permanently’ After ‘Messed Up’ Affair

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Tom Schwartz is making a stand when it comes to his fallout with his partner Tom Sandoval post scandal with Raquel Leviss.

On the latest episode of Stars on Marsthe Vanderpump Rules cast member revealed that he is actually stepping back on the friendship he shares with business partner Tom after the “incredibly messed up” affair with costar Raquel Leviss.

“It seems each time I try to weigh in or talk about, ramble on about it, drivel on, I inevitably sound like I’m somehow justifying it or making excuses for it, and I’m not,” Schwartz shared. “There’s just no excuse for it.”

“Any sort of version of his side of the story has become obsolete because of the way he handled it. Ultimately, that’s his life. That is his life,” he added. “I did not have an affair. I am not him. It’s just so strange that I’ve been absolutely mired in this. It’s taken on almost a life of its own.”

Schwartz concluded after the reunion of the show that he is now “stepping away from it permanently.”


Most recently, Ariana Madix said Schwartz “actively participated in my downfall” regarding the on camera affair between Sandoval Leviss. After the statement was made, he shared his point of view.

“I didn’t cover for him, but I had his back,” he explained. “He came to me, confided in me that he was in love with someone else.”

“My friend had an affair that just happened to swipe the nation and it’s incredibly messed up but the thing is I’ve become mired in it,” he added. “That’s been a huge source of just angst in my life. I’ve been in this extended funk.”

The TomTom bar co-owner also stated that he was “taking a break” from Sandoval on the When Reality Hits with Jax and Brittany podcast.

“He made a big mess. And then you know, he left it for us to clean up back at the businesses,” he stated. “And it’s hard for me not to be resentful of him.”

Schwartz went on to say that his friend needs to “lose the ego” by stating “he needs a change of heart, humility and to say ‘I’m sorry’ — not ‘I’m sorry, but…”


Madix even stated that her costar was not “covering” for her then-boyfriend’s affair with Leviss but instead adding to it on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

“I don’t think it was covering,” Madix replied. “I think it was actively participating in my downfall.”

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