Top 10 Toddler Christmas Outfit Tips For the Family Photoshoot

Here are some great tips for fashion for toddlers for your Christmas family photoshoot!
By Savannah Moss
Image: J Carter | Pexels

Christmas is coming and the holiday season brings some fun family activities to enjoy. However, nothing is as important as The Family Photo. The precious yearly event might be one of your toddler’s first Christmas memories. And what to say about the pressure of the perfect Family Christmas Card. 

Choosing the right outfit for your child is the first step towards an amazing photo. At BabyOutlet you can find the best toddler Christmas outfits for that perfect look. From amazing fabrics to great patterns and designs, you can do the whole winter shopping at inexpensive prices. But, what’s the best Christmas outfit without some good tips on how to use it? 

Dress to match the season

Choosing your toddler’s Christmas outfit is not enough, after all this is a family photo. That’s why the first tip and the most important is to choose, keeping in mind the whole picture. Make sure that after everyone is dressed you can be placed comfortably in the same setting. That means one cannot be wearing flannel, while another goes for a dress shirt, and the final person wears pajamas. Create a cohesive theme, and your Christmas card will look amazing.

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Image: J Carter | Pexels

Bring some winter pieces into the mix

Even if it’s not too cold, or snowy in your area. What is Christmas without a bit of the North Pole into it? Winter clothing will make a great addition to your toddler’s Christmas outfit. You can go all out and get the whole ensemble of winter hats, mittens, scarves, and jackets, or you can choose a few statement pieces. Snow in the winter will automatically remind us of Christmas. That’s why an outdoor snowy photoshoot is to die for. If you rather take the pictures inside, some cute ideas are in front of the chimney, or the Christmas tree. 

Get creative

Christmas is a special season, there is no need to mimic how you are in your daily life. Bring some fantasy to the season, and get creative. It’s okay to be dressy, stage a few poses and set up a nice spot for the photoshoot. Whether you want the pictures to hang at home, as a nice memory, or to make Christmas Cards, this is the perfect occasion to go all out. Wear fancy clothing, stage your poses and beautify the setting.

Image: Cottonbro | Pexels

Fabrics are important

Fabrics can be “felt” through a picture, that is why bringing forth a bit of texture and warmth will make or break your photos. You can choose patterns to give the impression of comfort, flannels are a nice Christmassy touch. Faux fur and other soft-looking fabrics can provide a sense of coziness to the eye. Your little one will also appreciate a nice piece of clothing that keeps them warm, and comfortable. To add up, buying your toddler a Christmas outfit that he can wear throughout the season will save you some money.

Fully matching is not the best approach

Having a theme doesn’t mean wearing the same clothing. Unless you wanna go for a comedic vibe, a Christmas “uniform” is not a good look for a more serious photoshoot. If everyone wears the same clothing, the photos end up looking too cartoony. The best approach is to make sure each person has something original in their outfit that makes them stand out. Your toddlers can also bring their favorite stuffed animal, or toy.

Plain colors are easier to match

Having everyone wear plain, neutral-colored clothing as a base for the outfit will make it easier to create a theme. This is especially true for big families. If you don’t have one child, but a few children to get toddler Christmas outfits for then this tip is for you. Buy some brown, grey, beige, and white clothing, and have everyone match it as they like. It will never be easier to have the family lookout together.

Make sure to add a pop of color

Christmas is all about joy. Reds, greens, and whites are the designated colors of the season. Whether you choose to create a theme for your family’s outfits with statement pieces or you wanna go with the easier look of neutral-colored clothing, adding a pop of color will bring life to your pictures. Have some of the members of the family wear some garments in a specific color, red is a good choice for Christmas. Scatter those wearing these garments for a more cohesive look. The result will be so beautiful, and it’s so easy to accomplish. If you go for red, a white background will make the bright color pop the best.

Image: Pexels

 Keep a color theme

Let’s be honest red, green, and white are not for everyone. Some families like to stray from the norm as well. If your family would like to go for a less traditional look and try out bolder colors, the same rules as in the previous tips apply. Try to keep a cohesive color scheme as a base and then add a pop of color among other family members to inject like into the photos. Even if you choose unusual combinations like pink, and orange, as long as everyone has a bit of it, it will make for a great family photo.

Stay relaxed and happy for candid photos

Try to stay relaxed, the most perfect photos are the imperfect ones. You are probably not raising a family of runway models, don’t treat them as such. Let your children be quirky, let the pet get in funny poses, and encourage daddy to have a natural relaxed smile. Posing for photos is just a guide to creating the happiest family photo. If everyone is happy and enjoying the photoshoot, the experience will be good, and the pictures even better. 

Image: William Fortunato | Pexels

Find inspiration from other families

It’s okay to snoop around for inspiration. Pinterest, Instagram, and Google have plenty of amazing family Christmas photos. You can get the best ideas for your toddler’s Christmas outfit from those sources as well. Starting with your child’s outfit is a great idea, as usual, it’s harder to find specific garments for kids. 

The Bottom Line

Choosing the best toddler Christmas outfit to match your family holiday season theme follows some simple tips. Select a great base color for all the family members, and add a pop of holiday joy in the form of red, green, or white. If you are not looking for a basic Christmas look, go wild and wear matching outfits. The season is to enjoy, and have a good time, get as creative as you wish, and have a good holiday with your children and family.