Trump Dubs Lil Pump, “Lil Pimp” At Michigan Rally

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*Profanity is used in this article*

President Donald Trump mispronounced rapper Gazzy Garcia aka Lil Pump’s stage name during a Michigan rally. The President introduced the artist as “Lil Pimp” instead, prompting a variety of social media reactions. Many people on social media joked about the mistake with it also reigniting some of the controversies Lil Pump has faced following his endorsement of the Trump campaign.

Lil Pump had faced waves of backlash due to the endorsement, with many social media users pointing out his statement now being different from a prior Tweet he made regarding the President.

“Before Lil Pump knew Trump would cut taxes for multi-millionaires,” one user stated.

Lil Pump reignited these issues with some of the controversial things he said while at the rally.

“Mr. President, I appreciate everything you’ve done for our country,” Lil Pump said, “you brought the troops home and you’re doing the right thing. MAGA 2020.”


In addition to Lil Pump’s quote during the rally, he also answered a few questions after it.

“Because Trump is a good man,” Lil Pump said, “Trump is the type of person, he says whatever is on his mind, and I love that. I love it.”

Much of Lil Pump’s backlash has come from Twitter where people are bringing up his Mexican heritage and other factors as reasons why voting for Trump is the wrong decision. They are claiming Lil Pump is backing Trump to get back some of his old relevancy.

“Lil Pump ain’t had a hit song in years and probably never will for the rest of his career, got laughed at in front of his ‘own team’, is the punchline of jokes around the world and no one with self respect will associate with him,” one Twitter user said. “Dude is down bad.”


“Lil Pump is endorsing a presidential candidate that can’t even get his name right…Trump said his name with so much confidence…LIL PIMP!” another tweeted “both of them are clowns. BOFFUM.”

However, despite his endorsement and participation in the Trump rally, the focus still seems to be on the Trump’s mispronunciation.

“yee YEE, that lil pimp? turn that sh** up BROTHERRR!” One user stated.

“You tellin me Lil Pimp sold out only for 100K!???” another user tweeted.

As news spread the controversy didn’t end, however. Celebrities also began to weigh in on Trump’s slip up, with an Instagram post from Bella Hadid, America’s top model in 2016, being one of the most well-known examples.


Another famous person who commented on the situation is the popular Twitch streamer Hanasabi, from his Twitter.

“Lil pump is at the michigan rally. trump just called him lil pimp,” he tweeted.

There was some resistance against the joke as many conservatives tweeted out their support for Lil Pump despite his history against Trump in the past.

“Trump has the Amish, Lil Pump, Nuns, Kanye West, Farmers, Lil Wayne, Police and Small Business owners. Amazing,” one user tweeted.

“African-Americans everywhere, including @icecube, Lil Pump, Lil Wayne, and 50 Cent are waking up to the reality that President Trump has done more for black community than any President in history…and it’s not even close,” another user tweeted. “Go Vote!”

Lil Pump’s endorsement falls into a recent trend of rappers receiving criticism for their roles in supporting the current administration. A couple weeks back the rapper Ice Cube received similar critiques after he had reportedly worked with Trump on his Platinum plan to better African Americans. Many people tweeting noticed the trend.


“Y’all still talking bout Lil Wayne and Lil Pimp/Pump? Rap is the most common form of Black music listened to *by white folk.*, another user tweeted. “R&B is the most popular form listened to *by Black folk*. When Beyonce, Rhianna, Jill Scott, Ne-Yo, and Miguel cap for 45, let me know.”

Trump himself has received a fair share of criticism for the slip-up. Most of the criticism comes from how he talks about Biden, with him constantly pointing out Biden’s speech issues. Some say in light of this new incident with Lil Pump, his tone is hypocritical.

“Trump, who last night introduced Lil Pump as Lil Pimp and called hypersonic missiles hydrosonic missiles, is talking at length about how Biden sometimes gets mixed up, saying, “That’s something you can’t let happen.”

As electoral votes continue to stack up, time will tell how genuine Lil Pump’s endorsement will continue to be. However, left-leaning fans across social media have made clear they won’t forget who Lil Pump supported and the name he was given at the Michigan rally.



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