Twitter Celebrates Dolly Parton’s Birthday

Because who doesn't like Dolly Parton?
By Savannah Moss

Today, beloved country music star Dolly Parton turns 76! Many began to celebrate on Twitter, causing her to trend on Twitter all day. In celebration, many looked back on their favorite memories from Dolly Parton, like interview moments, favorite songs, and thanked her again for helping to fund the Moderna vaccinations.

Celebrating the “Vaccine Queen.” 

In March last year, Parton was able to get the first dosage of the Moderna vaccination, which she helped fund. In the earlier stages of developing a vaccination, she donated one million dollars. To celebrate getting her shot, she posted a rendition of her iconic song “Jolene” but replaced it with “vaccine.” From this, she encouraged others to get their vaccination, showing how easy vaccinations could be.

From this, she was given a multitude of vaccination-related nicknames, like “Mistress of Moderna” or “Patron saint of vaccines.” Many also looked back on Parton’s quotes, as she is known for always having the perfect response or advice. In one example, someone asked what she would tell the teenagers of America one thing, what would it be? In true Dolly fashion, she responds “Act like it’s raining every day and wear your rubbers.”

Not only did people celebrate Parton’s quotes, but many also looked back to her iconic fashion style, especially her style from the 80’s where she always sported her big hair. Many also looked back to photos of her in lingerie, noting that if she ever came out with a lingerie line, they would want to buy it.

Though it is fun to look back at Parton’s best outfits or quotes, it is important to remember all the good she has done as well. Not only did she donate for vaccination research, but her charity also goes all the way back to the 1980s, starting when she created an organization to decrease dropout rates in her hometown. This was successful, causing the rate to go from 35% to 6%.

She also hosted a telethon to raise 13 million dollars to aid residents in 2016 who were affected by the fires in Tennessee that affected Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. The list goes on and on, as Dolly Parton is not only talented and creative but has always been a giver as well.