Twitter Fans Look Back on “The Hunger Games” on the 10 Year Anniversary of the Film Release

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If you were a reader in 2012 or a fan of dystopian films, chances are you were highly anticipating the first film of Suzanne Collins’ series The Hunger Games. Now, 10 years later the date, many fans on Twitter are looking back on this anticipation, the premiere, and what the cast is up to today. The series became incredibly popular with four films being made out of the trilogy, but many cannot help but love the film that started it all the most. Twitter users also discussed the plight to find the “next” dystopian film that would do so well it would replace the film series in popularity, but it seems none came close to the love fans had for this series. One wrote that the series changed their life and made them “fall in love with cinema.”

The young adult series follows teenage-aged Katniss Everdeen as she must fight to the death to come home in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic America. Admittedly, it is an odd film series that had a fandom made up of people also teenagers, as it is violent and details not only the killing of other people, but an eventual uprising as well. Still, many loved the films and how complex they were, coupled with a villainous president, action, and even a love triangle. Many also believed that the film changed dystopia forever, commenting on the fact that many series tried to accomplish the same thing this series did, but to no avail.

According to Vanity Fair, eight “teen-centered sci-fi/fantasy films based on best-selling books crammed into theaters.” Many believe that this rise in teen movies, usually having young and up-coming actors who go on an unlikely quest, was due to the popularity of The Hunger Games, as directors were antsy to catch up to this rising popularity of young adult films being recreated from novels. Overall, the only thing to come close was Divergent, but even this did not achieve the same popularity.

Where are they now?

After 10 years, many were curious to know what the actors from the first film were up to now and the recent projects they had done or were working on. Jeniffer Lawrence, who played the protagonist Katniss, took a break from acting in 2o16 but was recently in “Don’t Look Up” which is a Netflix film nominated for an Oscar. Josh Hutcherson, who was “the bread boy” Peeta, was recently a voice actor in the Ultraman series and playing the third part of the love triangle, Liam Hemsworth, will be in an upcoming film “Poker Face,” which is set to release this year.


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