Twitter Feels Old After Learning the Gosselin Sextuplets are Now 18

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Image: @jongosselin1 | Instagram

If you had access to television in 2007, you might remember the iconic TLC show “Jon and Kate plus 8.” If not, the show centered around Jon and Kate Gosselin after they had six children at once, which are called sextuplets. Since the couple already had two twin girls, the family then had eight children. This birthed the infamous show, which lasted five seasons. But, when the couple had an explosive divorce, of course, worsened from the media attention, the show ended. Now, the Gosselin sextuplets, who were 3 years old at the time of the show, turned 18 and everyone feels incredibly old.

The twins, who were six when the show began, are now 21 and attend separate colleges. Mady Gosselin, one of the twins, is quite active on social media, including TikTok. Whenever she shows her mom online, viewers joke that she is “our” mom since many grew up watching her on the show. She will also feature her siblings in her TikToks sometimes, which everyone loves to watch and see what the kids are up to.

Although Mady is often on social media, her twin sister Cara is not. The sextuplets, however, are not that active either. This is unsurprising, as a lot of their childhood was broadcasted on national television. Mady posted about this on her TikTok, writing that “grown adults on the internet have thought it’s her business to comment on every facet of my personality, appearance, and life choices since I was a child.” Hannah Gosselin, one of the sextuplets, is the only one active online. She even has a beauty brand called “Gosselin Girl Beauty.”


Those who grew up with the show, remembering the small children in the show, could not believe they were now 18. “You are all SO grown up I feel old!” one person wrote. “I can’t tell you how happy it makes me see your family again.. I’m not kidding when I tell you y’all were my childhood,” another agreed. So, it seems like a good amount of people were raised with the Gosselin family via television.

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