Twitter is Debating if “Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness” Was Too Graphic

Is Dr. Strange too violent? Some think so.
By Savannah Moss
Image: @Drstrange | Twitter

Doctor Strange’s sequel, Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness, was released last week and has generated quite the debate around its rating. The film’s director Sam Raimi directed both horror and superhero films, known for Spiderman and The Grudge, so many were not surprised to see that the film was a little bit darker than other Marvel movies. But, many still said that although the film was a bit more violent, the rating for PG-13 was fair. Others, however, said that it should have been rated R and was pushing the boundaries for the PG-13 rating. Since the superhero films attract children, some worried that this movie would be too graphic for them.

Some viewers argued that the film should have been rated R for horror elements for graphic violence. Not everyone was convinced, as there are some horror films with a PG-13 rating. Many also noted that the film was rated PG-13 for a reason and that it was not meant for children. Others, however, were not concerned about children watching it, but those who might be sensitive to violence and might not expect it from a Marvel film. “There should definitely be a Rated R version for Doctor Strange 2 or it should’ve just been Rated R in general,” wrote one person online.

Other people, however, did not agree that the film qualified to be rated R. Many also brought up that there have been violent or dark children’s films in the past, especially from Disney. Fans also enjoyed that the film was a bit darker than usual, as many thought that it made the film more interesting to watch.

“This isn’t a kids film…it’s pg13 and marvel always had blood in their films,” wrote one fan on Twitter. Overall, the views were divided, but it seems that if you are on the squeamish side, you might want to sit this film out, although others thought that it wasn’t too much if you are an adult.