Twitter Loves This New Queer Netflix Show: Heartstopper

The romcom we don't only need, but deserve.
By Savannah Moss
Image: Netflix

Released on Netflix today, Twitter is obsessed with this new show: Heartstopper. The show, starring actors Joe Locke and Kit Connor, was adapted from Alice Osman’s graphic novel Heartstopper, which is a well-beloved book that was once an online comic. It follows the story of Charlie and Nick, both students at a school for boys, as they develop an unlikely friendship that blossoms from there. Now, as many begin to watch the first eight episodes of the show, new and old fans are reacting to the premiere and what it means for queer stories to be spotlighted, especially in light of recent legislative bills.

Although the show was only recently released, it began to trend on Twitter as people began to binge-watch immediately. Many praised the show for being a “fluffy” romance since many queer TV shows are often sad and cover the harder parts about being queer. Although it does portray some harder aspects, like having to accept yourself, coming out, and school bullies, it has overall been described as “lovely” or “adorable.”

Many enjoyed that the sad moments never went on for too long and that although one of the main characters, Charlie, is bullied for being gay, it does not stop him from accepting and embracing his sexuality. Long term fans also applauded the subtle nods to the comic, which is something fans always appreciate when a movie is adapted from a novel.

Although Netflix has recently been trending for things more unpleasant, like raising prices and possibly adding commercials, many were appreciative of the heartwarming show that provides representation for queer youth. On Twitter, a fan wrote that “heartstopper just makes me happier to be myself it just makes me happy knowing I’m so not alone.” Overall, the show is already becoming a favorite, even though it has only been one day since being released.