Twitter Reacts to Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Confirmation to Supreme Court

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Announced today, the Senate voted to confirm Kentanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, and as a result, she began to trend number on Twitter. Once she is sworn in this summer, she will officially be the first Black woman to ever serve the nation’s high court, which is definitely something to celebrate. In the online world we currently live in, historical events are often highlighted, celebrated, and discussed through social media apps like Twitter, and Jackson’s confirmation was no exception to this experience.

Twitter’s reaction

In the past few weeks, many watched as Jackson answered questions from both Republicans and Democrats during her confirmation hearing. Although a large majority of Democrats supported Jackson, especially as she was Biden’s choice for a nominee, many Republicans remained suspicious. During her hearing, many Republicans were concerned that she was too radical, as a Senator in South Carolina called her an “activist judge.” She was often painted as a radical or someone who favored criminals, which Jackson denied. Many felt as if Jackson’s hearing was “hostile.” Nonetheless, she was confirmed with a vote of 53-47.

Interestingly, three Republicans voted for Jackson’s confirmation, sparking some controversy for some conservatives, who believe they should not have voted yes. As mentioned, an online presence does a great job of highlighting and evaluating online opinions when it comes to events like these. In fact, ABC News was able to capture the moment the vote came out, showing several conservative senators walking out, which many found to be inappropriate.

But, even if there was some controversy and not everyone approved of Jackson, she began to immediately trend on Twitter as many cheered her on, happy not only with her nomination but also with what it meant, as it was a historical moment. She was given a standing ovation by the majority, even if some left in protest. On Twitter, Biden said that “We’ve taken another step toward making our highest court reflect the diversity of America” which was a sentiment that many agreed with, as diversity and representation continue to be an important ideal to many Americans.


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