Twitter Reacts to Alex Jones’ Infowars Filing for Bankruptcy

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Image: Getty Images News / Sergio Flores / Stringer Editorial - Getty Images

Alex Jones, a far-right conspiracy theorist known for his showThe Alex Jones Show, is facing lawsuits from the families of Sandy Hook, which Jones called a hoax. Now, his media outlet Infowars and other companies he is affiliated with are filing for bankruptcy, causing him to trend on Twitter. Jones is incredibly controversial, known for his outlandish political remarks and conspiracy theories he believes in. One of them is the school shooting of Sandy Hook, which he believes is a hoax to gain gun control. The families fought back for defamation, and Jones lost two of the lawsuits due to not providing court-ordered documents, which caused the judge to rule “liable by default.” This was a huge win for the families but has now caused the companies to file for bankruptcy due to the high fees.

The families claimed that Jones profited off of the false claims, while families of the victims in the 2012 shooting faced threats, with some of them having to remain in hiding and move due to threats of violence. This enraged many online, as dealing with the loss of a child due to gun violence in schools causes suffering alone, let alone being accused of lying and having to live in fear with the threats. So, it is safe to say almost nobody felt bad for the loss of the companies, especially since it caused harm to many. But, some are saying that this is a ploy to not have to pay the fees as a result of the lawsuits.

According to the New York Times, the companies are filing a Chapter 11 protection, which can allow a company to reorganize and “may propose a plan to keep running and to pay creditors over a period of time.” Many felt that this was not a good thing to celebrate and does not mean that Jones lost any money from the result of the lawsuits. Still, some were grateful that it might mean an end to the company sometime soon, with one person saying that “Alex Jones and Info Wars need to be permanently muzzled.”

Although some found this to be a ploy to avoid growing fees, some are still hopeful that Jones’ show will at least stop portraying outrageous conspiracy theories since they do not want to risk being sued again. Either way, although this does seem to be a ploy to most, many hope that it means the Sandy Hook parents will not stop going after conspiracy theories about their children’s death, hopefully encouraging other commentators to stop conspiring as well.


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