Twitter Reacts to Logan Paul’s Epoxy Resin Project Made With GameBoy Consoles

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In case you did not know, resin projects have recently become incredibly popular, as they are a relatively easy project to complete even if you are not crafty. Epoxy resin is the most popular, as it is the easiest for beginners. Resin became especially popular on TikTok, as people showed their process with making items using resin. The crafts usually start with acrylic pouring and then finish their project with resin to make it shinier.


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Recently, most likely after noticing the popularity behind resin, influencer Logan Paul took a stab at the resin trend and posted a video of him creating a tabletop made out of GameBoys, noting that this was his first epoxy resin project. Though an aesthetically pleasing video to watch, the reactions were certainly mixed.

Twitter responds

The video, which was posted yesterday and has 62 thousand likes on Twitter, garnered mixed reactions from Twitter users. For one, many thought the project was unique and neat, and that he used resin to create a different kind of project that had not been done before. One Twitter user notes that they thought the completed project was “super cool and shockingly well done for a first project.” Other users, however, were not as impressed. Some thought that using the GameBoys, which looked to be in good shape still, as a tabletop was wasteful, and could have gone to someone who would appreciate it.

Many felt as the project was wasteful, especially since GameBoys held nostalgia for many as it is an older gaming system. Some argued that maybe the GameBoys were not in working condition, so it did not count as waste, but one Twitter user pointed out that there was no discoloration. Though some were upset with the use of the GameBoys in the tabletop, others thought this was a controversy not worth sweating over, as it is not a big deal in the larger scheme of things.


Logan Paul, who is no stranger to controversy, seemed to not sweat any of the critiques he was given. Wired Productions, an indie game publisher, made a video response where instead of covering the GameBoys with resin, he simply puts them in a perspex lid and display case, making the GameBoys reusable. Logan responded to this lightheartedly, saying “What have I done?”

However, many were in agreement that Paul’s looked better done covered in resin, as the point is to give it a glossy and more appealing to the eyes look. Either way, though his craft upset some, many seemed to not care what crafts Logan Paul was doing, as it does not seem to harm anyone in the long run, and it is his own money either way.

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