Twitter Reacts to Matt Damon’s Newest Ad for Crypto

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Image: Angela Weiss | Stringer

Popular actor Matt Damon is now in an ad for Crypto, confusing many on Twitter, and causing him to trend. Specifically, Damon was in an ad showcasing a new app for trading crypto. Many are cringing at the ad, as it has Damon comparing bitcoin to landing on the Moon or other things like climbing Mt. Everest. The commercial premiered last night, during an NFL game, but those who do not watch football are now seeing the commercial today as it trends on Twitter.

Twitter’s reaction

It seems as if almost nobody liked the cheesy commercial starring Matt Damon, even though it is trending on Twitter. Unfortunately, many of the Tweets to cause the commercial to trend were to make fun of the commercial and the implications behind it.

Apparently, the ads starring Damon are not new, and have been going on for a few months now. But, nobody noticed until the commercial was presented during an NFL game, which obviously has the attention of many. Some joked and asked if Damon was paid strictly in Crypto for this, but others pointed out that when celebrities begin to invest in Crypto, they will usually then participate in commercials like this one in order to make their investments increase, and it has nothing to do with the actual payments they receive from producing the commercial.

However, no matter what thinking motivates Damon or other celebrities to dabble in commercials for Cryptocurrencies, it seems that Twitter still will make fun of them. Some, however, were concerned with the fact that the commercial made references to actual heroes in history, like those who landed on the moon, just to compare it to something like investing in crypto.


It then came out from Forbes that Damon used the money from the commercials to his non profit organization,, which focuses on bringing clean water to developing countries. recently announced a partnership with that will help bring awareness to the organization along with donations. So, although many still find the commercial hard to watch, at least it is going to a great organization.


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