Twitter Reacts to New Jack Harlow Album

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Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Recently, Jack Harlow has gotten more and more popular. So, it is not a total surprise that when his new album debuted, it caused quite a reaction on Twitter. The rapper, who’s most known for his song “What’s Popping” which then went viral on TikTok, became even more popular when he appeared on Lil Nas X’s album in the song “Industry Baby.” Now, Harlow released “Come Home the Kids Miss You” on Friday. The second single from the album “First Class” was viral before it dropped and was number one on the Billboard. This caused a lot of excitement and hype for what was to come.

When it came out, fans were incredibly excited, as expected. “If you don’t like Jack Harlow, you either have never listened to his music or you’re just jealous of how chill he is,” wrote one person on Twitter. But, not everyone was as impressed. When some fans started comparing Harlow to the late Mac Miller, many were ready to express their opinions. “Jack Harlow is not anything near Mac Miller please go outside and touch some grass,” another tweeted.

Some compared the rapper and fans to Justin Bieber’s popularity when he was younger. Teenage girls primarily made up Bieber’s fanbase, for both his music and his looks. Some pointed out that this is the same thing. For example, when a group of girls posted their reaction to a new song from Harlow where they were screaming and overall looked overjoyed, one person wrote that “Jack Harlow music is NOT that good to be actin’ like this.”

Although fans were pleased with the album, it seems that other people were not understanding where the hype was coming from. But, many who were fans beforehand thought that the album lived up to their expectations. Some hoped that Harlow was staying away from Twitter, as some of the feedback was a little harsh.


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