Twitter Reacts to Shane Dawson Choosing an Egg Donor

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Posted on Youtube a few days ago, Shane Dawson and his fiance Ryland Adams announced they are taking their first steps toward having a child on Ryland’s Youtube channel. In the video, they announced they have chosen their egg donor and are taking their first steps to fatherhood. Since Dawson is a problematic figure who stepped back from his own Youtube channel after being called out for past racist and creepy behavior, a lot of people on Twitter had a lot to say. Not only did they discuss Dawson having a child soon, but many Twitter users also brought up Trisha Paytas, another problematic figure who announced her pregnancy a few weeks prior.

With Dawson’s problematic past, many wondered how this would impact the child. Although many have witnessed children growing up in the eyes of the media as children of celebrities, there are not many children of influencers that we can compare it to. In addition, many have not been able to see how children of problematic celebrities are raised and how they are impacted by their parent’s past on the internet. Additionally, Adams and Dawson note that they do not want to raise their children in the eyes of the public and will not film their child’s life, which is probably a good thing as most family vloggers do not have a wonderful reputation.

It is safe to say that the internet had almost nothing positive to say about this, similar to how reacted to Trisha Paytas’ pregnancy announcement either. In fact, since the two announcements were revealed so closely together, many on Twitter are lumping the two together. One person on Twitter writes “Shane Dawson and Trisha Paytas both becoming parents feels like a hellish nightmare.” This same reaction seems to be the overall feeling from Twitter in regard to Dawson’s future child.

Overall, there were almost no good or positive reactions to this announcement, but this is was probably an expected reaction, especially after seeing how Twitter responded to Trisha Paytas announcing her pregnancy.  And although many are not happy to see this announcement, they still wished the future baby well, despite the circumstances.


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