Twitter Thinks Pete Davidson Has a New Tattoo Dedicated to Kim Kardashian’s Children and the Reactions are Mixed

This is... definitely something
By Savannah Moss
Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images

A few months ago, Pete Davidson was trending online after Kim Kardashian admitted he got a few tattoos for her. And although people thought it was too soon, many let it slide as they thought it was kind of a cute gesture and what Davidson does to his body is overall harmless. But, now many are a little concerned after it seems like Davidson has a new tattoo dedicated to Kardashians’ children. The tattoo was spotted after performing at the Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival in Los Angeles on Friday night. As they were leaving, the tattoo “KNSCP” was spotted on his chest, which many recognized as new. Now, many are speculating that it means “Kim, North, Saint, Chicago, Psalm” as it goes in age order.

Immediately, the responses were mixed. Some thought that Davidson was trying to poke at Kanye West, who has been vocal about not liking Davidson and not liking him around his children. “Who dates a girl for 7 months, and then tattoos her kid’s initials on their neck?” one person said on Twitter. Others had the same question, and thought that it was disrespectful to West.

Others, however, did not see an issue with this. Since Davidson is known to get tattoos impulsively, and historically ones that are dedicated to ex-girlfriends, many did not find this strange. Others said that it was sweet that Davidson was obviously trying to include Kim and her children in his life.

It seems like there wasn’t a clear agreement on Davidson’s new addition to his tattoos, as some think that children should be left out of it completely, while others thought of it as a sweet gesture. Either way, the first six months of this couple’s relationship have been wild for sure.