Twitter Users React To California Ruling Regarding Employers Spreading COVID To Workers

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A California court recently ruled that employers are not responsible if their business infects a worker with COVID-19. While mask mandates are largely lifted, many immunocompromised people still opt to mask up for extra safety precautions. Amid the ruling, iconic California burger chain In-n-Out has banned all of the company’s workers from wearing facial masks while preparing the food.

Many are frustrated at what the ruling could result in for workers who are immunocompromised or have immunocompromised family members. Thousands have died since the initial outbreak of COVID-19. Albeit the more manageable strains, due to a combination of viral mutations and the conservative conspiracy theories surrounding the vaccine, the virus continues to spread.

CULVER CITY, CA - APRIL 23: In-N-Out Burger at Safe Kids Day 2017 at Smashbox Studios on April 23, 2017 in Culver City, California.
CULVER CITY, CA – APRIL 23: In-N-Out Burger at Safe Kids Day 2017 at Smashbox Studios on April 23, 2017 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Safe Kids Worldwide )


Now, social media users are reacting with sadness and anger towards both the burger chain and the state for allegedly throwing workers’ health safety to the wayside.

Internet Reactions

Many are highly disappointed in the consumer favorite burger chain’s personal decision to put workers and customers at risk. Others also worry about the implications the state ruling at large could have on medical costs for the infected.

Some share stories of loved ones they lost to COVID-19 due to alleged employers’ reckless behavior regarding the virus. The pandemic first broke out in 2020, and after three years of fluctuating safety precautions, the virus was deemed endemic. An endemic is considered a virus that is consistently present, but manageable within a certain region.


Outside of this perspective, conservative media personalities continue to push back against COVID-19 precautions. Some argue that private businesses should be able to run their establishments as they so choose, and that the immunocompromised are responsible for their own safety. This argument has been present since the start of the pandemic.

Some say that it is only “common sense” to ban masks. Right-leaning personalities continue to make the argument that facial masks limit personal freedoms.

Many encourage current In-N-Out employees to strike or sue the company.


One Twitter user argued that few healthy employees were masking at this point, and that the company’s statement was a direct hit towards chronically ill workers and workers with disabilities.

Customers are speaking up regarding the workers’ safety as well. One Twitter user wrote that she did not mind whether servers wore masks or not, and that all that mattered was the food quality and service.

In-N-Out CEO Lynsi Snyder is yet to comment on the mounting controversy at this time. The chain most recently announced its expansion to the middle Tennessee region. It is unclear at this time whether the company’s workers are unionized or intend to strike.

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