Tyra Banks Trends on Twitter as Old Clips of America’s Next Top Model Surface.

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Currently, Tyra Banks is trending on Twitter as a few of her old clips on her former television show America’s Next Top Model, often shortened as just ANTM, resurface and remind many that Tyra was a bit problematic on that show. In case you never watched the show from the early 2000’s, Tyra Banks would cast girls eager to make it big as a supermodel, from there they would learn about the modeling industry up close, going through difficult challenges, runways, and photoshoots to prove they have what it takes. Tyra’s “teaching” methods, however, are now being questioned.

The clips

One specific clip that is coming to light in the difference of treatment between two girls with gaps between their teeth. In a first clip, Tyra and other judges tell a contestant, Danielle, with a gap between her teeth that she needs to have the gap closed, as it was not marketable. Danielle refuses, as she likes her gap and believes it makes her unique. In a second clip, though, later in the show, a girl with a gap is praised for having the gap, and the judges believe it is “fashionable.”

Many did not like the hypocrisy in the two clips, believing it was unfair to make someone change something about themselves forever. In other clips, some discuss the problematic photoshoots Tyra forced the girls to participate in. In one, white women are changed into completely different races, making them unrecognizable as white and even participating in blackface.

In one clip getting a lot of attention on Twitter, Tyra leads one girl to believe she will not be sent home, but at the last minute calls the other girl’s name for shock value. Many used this Tweet to discuss other problematic behaviors, like asking a lesbian or someone who was once assaulted to pose naked with men or risk being kicked off the show.


Overall, this is not the first time Tyra is facing controversy and backlash from clips surfacing the internet. Often, this will happen on Twitter and remind everyone of some of the more problematic instances of the show.


Though this was not the first time Tyra was called out, it seems like this will not be the last as people re-watch the show and realize the problematic moments from the show, as many have not watched the show since they were younger and more influential.

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