Adrian Grenier Wants to Help SHFT the Way You Live

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  • When he’s not performing on the big and small screen or directing his next documentary, Adrian Grenier is busy promoting enviro-media and a cultural “SHFT” toward a more eco-concious existence for all. As an offline extension for the green initiative of his website, he and his co-founder, Peter Glatzer, launched a Los Angeles-based pop-up store featuring sustainable art and design.

    “SHFT is a lifestyle,” said Adrian. It’s a positive forward thinking sustainable living experience.” Peter added that when the company does brick and mortar pop-up stores, they “really just look for things that inspire.”

    With a plethora of environmentally-focused platforms around today, it can be difficult to stand apart from the crowd. “What makes different is that we’re not extreme environmentalists,” explained Adrian. “We’re not preachy. We really provide a tangible, very accessible solution. But what we do differently is we say, ‘no, it can’t just be green. It has to be something that you want. It has to be aspirational. It has to be something that you are excited about getting involved with.'”

    Check out our Innovator segment with Adrian and Peter below.

  • What’s one way that you could SHFT your life to be more environmental?