Will Ferrell Introduces NBA Teams Before Game (VIDEO)

  • It was 80s night at the New Orleans Arena in Louisiana on Wednesday, and the home-team Hornets were taking on the Chicago Bulls. Funnyman Will Ferrell was there too.


    Of course he was there for a reason: Ferrell was given the honor of introducing players for both sides. But no introduction by Farrell would be appropriate without some inappropriate remarks. So he gave each player hilarious mini-biographies as he announced their name and height.

    “At guard, no.1, his favorite movie is ‘The Notebook, Derrick Rose,” he said of the Bull’s star point guard. He reserved his more affectionate remarks for the home squad: “At forward, six-ten, from Mexico, he doesn’t speak a lick of English but we still love him, Gustavo Ayon!”

    Aficionados of Ferrell may be familiar with such antics, as it appeared Ferrell was doing his best to channel a character of one his films, the always smooth and ambitious Jackie Moon from “Semi-Pro” a character who doubled as owner and power forward for the fictional Michigan Tropics.