Nerdiest Resume? A Website Dedicated to Instagram Job

  • Instagram fanatic and aspiring employee, Alice Lee, has a designed a slick website instead of a resume to entice the tech startup into hiring her. The vertically scrolling website includes a list of her own custom-made photoshop tools, a freelance portfolio, and cleverly designed resume:

    “I love what Instagram stands for. And I think your team is totally rad. Instagram lets everyone — from seasoned photogs to newbies — capture and share their life in an engaging, beautiful way. Photography shouldn’t be limited to people with fancy cameras and technical know-how!,” she writes, with a colorful vendiagram illustrating how Instagram is at the union of her interests:

  • Dear instagram with love alice1
  • The substantive portion of the resume tells us that she’s a high-scoring marketing student and former intern at Foursquare. Jokingly, she says she’s taking time out of class to design this website, and puts an asterisk by her GPA.

    After showing off her decked-out instagram account and freelance photography work, she concludes by saying, “This site was designed and programmed by Alice Lee within the span of 2.5 days, 4 skipped classes, and several bowls of ramen in attempts to wow and catch the eye of Instagram. It was designed and coded up from scratch..”

    What do you think? Would you hire her?