#Influencer: Creator Robert Kirkman talks ‘Dead’ and Zombie Soap Opera

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  • Speaking on the success of the show, he says, “You take what’s really cool about Zombie Movies, and you add soap opera stuff.” Continuing, “It’s trickin’ dudes into watching something about emotions.”

    Kirkman will be appearing at the upcoming Image Expo conference in Oakland. Comparing it to other comic-book conferences, he says, “Comicon in San Diego is where you go to see Samuel L. Jackson from 400 feet away.”

    Yet, “Image Expo is a much more intimate, smaller location, where can come and actually spend more time with these people. I bet anyone could and come get Chris Hardwick to sit on their lap.” –at which point Chris jumps in Kirkman’s lap, cradles into a ball and pretends to suckle the What’s Trending influencer.

    For these antics and Kirkman’s full interview, watch below: