Oscars 2012 Memes: Angelina’s Right Leg and Sacha Baron Cohen vs. Seacrest

  • What do right legs, dictators, and short Jewish men have in common? They all made social waves at this year’s Oscars! Laura Prepon and Wilmer Valderrama take on the highlights of Hollywood’s biggest night.

    “There’s nothing sacred in comedy, when you really think about it; it’s a very small list of things you don’t do,” said the 70’s show alum Wilmer Valderrama on Sacha Baron Cohen’s gag at the Oscars, “Pouring a little ashes on Ryan Seacrest isn’t that bad,” he shrugged.

    Then, talking about Angelina Jolie’s leggy dress, Laura Prepon addressed her former co-host and said, “You’re latin, you like more curvey–whatever.” To which, Valderrama replied, “I like more meat on my bones.”

    Watch the full clip below: