Pew Research Study Reveals How People Get News Online

  • The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism released their annual State of the News Media 2012 report on Monday, which among other fascinating facts revealed how social media is working as a news source.

    Some of the findings in the extensively researched report included how Facebook and Twitter affect how news content is shared. “Facebook users follow news links shared by family and friends; Twitter users follow links from a range of sources,” the report said. Whereas, it seems most people use Twitter for news delivered by news organizations themselves.

    However, the study suggests that Facebook has the larger news audience, since most people see it as a larger news source that Twitter. About 7 percent of people get news from Facebook, while only 3 percent do so over Twitter.

    Twitter is seen as more unique news outlet, as it’s less likely that people reading it will think the news they find there could have been found elsewhere. Facebook users are more inclined to feel the opposite.

    How the news is consumed

    While tablets and smartphones continue to flourish as news organizations cater their work for these platforms, 70 percent of people get their news from desktop and laptops.

    Fittingly, most Americans now get their news on digital devices as tablets and smartphones continue to grow in popularity.

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