VIDEO: ACE Family is Taking a BREAK Amidst CONTROVERSY

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The Ace Family has announced that they are taking an indefinite break.

The ACE Family has grown a massive following on YouTube for branding itself as a family-friendly channel that vlogs, films pranks and random hijinks. The channel has over 15 M subscribers and features Dad, Austin, Mom, Catherine and Daughters Elle and Alaia. Despite being family-forward, Austin received some major backlash after a video surfaced online showing a toddler picking out a penis-shaped lollipop in Spencer’s and Austin purchasing it for her.

Now, this toddler isn’t one of Austin’s daughters, but is believed to be a part of the extended family, but that doesn’t make it any less concerning.

The ACE Family is no stranger to drama. In August, viewers accused the ACE Family of faking a robbery for views, though this was later settled with a leaked copy of the official police report. Wife Catherine took to Twitter saying, “At the end of the day they will always come up with slander and smear to tear down the very fabric that makes up the ACE Family and our Army of Followers”

The ACE Family has traditionally ignored any hate they received online but it looks like they are finally going to tackle these comments head on. In a video titled “Saying Goodbye”, Austin and Catherine announced they will be taking a break.

They go on to describe how intense their production schedule has been, and unfortunately, because they have been so busy, a few things have slipped through the cracks.

But they plan on getting things back to order during their break.


However, this break is not just about resting and recharging, the ACE family has a bigger announcement. In an upcoming documentary, they plan to peel back the curtain and let viewers see what their life is really like, since, on the channel, they mostly focus on being positive and family friendly, and we might finally get to see the family respond to the negativity they are receiving online.

In a sense, they’re hoping the break and the documentary will give them a fresh start.

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