VIDEO: ACE FAMILY Tattoo Proves SHANE DAWSON Conspiracy Theory

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Fans are pointing out similarities between the Ace Family and Shane Dawson…but it might not be what you think. The ACE Family has grown a massive following on YouTube, with over 15 M subscribers featuring Dad, Austin, Mom, Catherine and Daughters Elle and Alaia.

Despite the channel’s commitment to positive, family friendly content, they have been caught in the middle of some controversy, with a recent video surfacing online of dad Austin buying a penis-shaped lollipop for one of his alleged nieces. Austin and Catherine ignored the controversy in the moment, but later revealed that they would be giving their fans an inside look at the good and the ugly.

In a video titled “Saying Goodbye” Austin and Catherine announced they will be release a documentary that will pull back the curtain and show some revealing stuff. During their short break from YouTube in preparation for the release on Feb 23…

Austin shared that he got a tattoo, dedicated to his wife, that says “Until the end of Time”. Fans loved the display of affection, but one fan, pointed out something that Shane Dawson fans would recognize. The conspiracy clock, awaits!

Shane Dawson pioneered documentary-style youtube videos, and his latest investigative series focuses on conspiracy theories. The premiere of Part 1 gained over 8M views in less than 24 hours, and touched on subjects like iPhones, subliminal messages, and the Woolsey and Camp fires in California, deepfakes, and clocks. The theory is that setting clocks to a specific time evokes positive emotions. The hands at that angle are reminiscent of a smile. Verses the alternative of the hands facing down, mimicking a frown, which evokes negative emotions, and yes, Austin’s tattoo clock is technically set to 10:02…but it still makes the positive happy face that echos the conspiracy.

And as long as we’re talking about conspiracies.. Could 10/2 be a significant number for Austin and Catherine? After all, the couple has had to postpone their wedding… so…could October 2nd be the rescheduled date of their wedding?

Of course, that’s all conspiracy talk and nothing is confirmed. What do you think about Austin’s tattoo? Are are you looking forward to the Ace Family doc? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.


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