VIDEO: Bees Take Over New York Hot Dog Stand

A swarm of bees took over a New York hot dog stand on 43rd street, and were so rambunctious, a bee cop had to be called in. Freakin' tourists.
By Alex Firer

When you live in New York you have so many things to worry about. The ever worsening subway system for one, the rising rent prices for another. Maybe you’re worried about making it big in the artistic field of your choice, a la Girls. Or the weird random sinkholes. Maybe. But I know one thing, the last thing you want to worry about is a hive of damn bees taking over a hot dog stand!

So these bees. What is their stories? What’s the buzz on the bees? What is their stingy, honey collecting origin? Why were beach just straight up chilling on top of a Sarbett’s umbrella on 43rd street? Are they lost tourists wondering where the M&M store is and if the Naked Cowboy is still alive (I was last in New York around a decade ago, please update my references!). Well, hardly tourists. According to Gothamist, who interview a Bee expert (specifically ‘former NYPD bee manager Tony “Bees” Planakis):

“…wayward swarms like this are often expats from a nearby beehive. “When a swarm takes place, it’s going to take place within 100, 150 feet of the mother hive,” Planakis said. “Bees are going to say, ‘We’re going to go to the closest location and sit there and regroup, we’re going to wait for the queen to arrive, and once she does, scouts will go look for a new home.”

Awww, poor lost little guys!

The situation escalated when the police called their Bee Cop to the scene. Oh you didn’t know New York had a bee cop? Yeah, New York has a bee cop. He vacuums up bees in his bee vacuum. It’s great, it’s a whole thing, this incredible bee cop.

In the end, the bees were transferred to Long Island where no doubt they are all buying their ferry passes to meet uhh… I don’t know, what’s Rudy Guiliani up to? Wait, what!? He’s doing what!? Alright, they are all en route to sting him then.

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