VIDEO: Casey Neistat and Candice Pool Are Expecting Their Second Child

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It’s been a week of major life events for some of our favorite YouTube celebrities, and this time we have a very positive one. YouTube star, and beloved doer of massive stunts, Casey Neistat announced that his wife, Candice Pool, is pregnant with the couple’s second child. Their first child together, Francine, is three years old and Casey Neistat has a teenage son from his high school girlfriend. This child will be Neistat’s third.

The couple announced their pregnancy in a video, beginning with Neistat making a sweet and nervous phone call to tell Pool he is ready to post the very video we’re watching now! The couple says that the baby is due in October, meaning that Candice is currently five months pregnant. They say they do not have a name, but their three-year-old daughter would like to name the baby ‘Watermelon’, which we must agree, is extremely cute. Candice says Francine also keeps trying to give Watermelon Play-Doh by putting it into her belly button.

Casey continues talking about how he’s been posting more infrequently in order to spend time with Francine in the four months before the baby comes. The couple then tells the audience not to assume any woman is pregnant because it can be just rude. Candice even did it twice! Neistat then promises that his next video will be about “skateboarding or something stupid”.

Finally, Neistat and Candice offer their condolences to Liza Koshy and David Dobrik on their recent split, but Candice tells them it might not be forever, adding “just look at us”.

In any case, our congratulations to the YouTube couple as they await the newest addition to their family. Congratulations, Watermelon… on your very exciting existence.

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