VIDEO: Indonesian Teen Survives 49 Days At Sea

Indonesian teen Aldi Novel Adilang survived 49 days at sea until being discovered by a ship.
By Alex Firer

Eighteen year old Aldi Novel Adilang was stranded when his floating fish trap drifted to sea on the fourteenth of July, surviving for 49 days in isolation. Aldi used wood from the vessel to make fire. He caught fish and drank seawater filtered through his shirt.

Nearly 10 ships passed him without noticing, but after nearly two months, he was picked up near Guam, over 1,000 miles from where he started.

Aldi is thrilled to be reunited with his friends and family. But his story is incredible — this kind of survival is unthinkable and incredible. A part of it is because this is Aldi’s third time being lost at sea.

“Rice, clean water, spices, cooking gas, and other supplies ran out. To survive I caught fish and burned the rompong’s wooden fences to make a fire for cooking. I even ate raw fish.”, Aldi told the BBC. Additionally, Aldi created clean water for himself by filtering it through his clothes. Amazing.

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