Ryan Reynolds Shares Teaser for ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ Popcorn Bucket Inspired by ‘Dune’

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Salacious popcorn buckets were likely not on anyone’s 2024 bingo cards, yet here we are. The highly anticipated ‘Dune: Part 2,’ which hit theaters on March 1st, saw immediate success, grossing $85.2 million domestically and over $100 million internationally in its opening weekend. Notably, it wasn’t just the film that drew crowds; the Dune popcorn bucket, with its bizarrely suggestive design, went viral and became a coveted collectible. Following this trend, ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ has introduced its own suggestive popcorn bucket. Ryan Reynolds teased the item on May 30th, humorously dubbing 2024 “the year the War of the Popcorn Buckets began,” sparking a mix of horror and amusement among fans eager to purchase it.

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