PeeYew! Viral TikTok Shows Florida Crime Scene Crew Handling Decomposed Bodies

Have you ever smelt a dead body?
By Christian McBride
Crime scene clean up crew phoptographed by Alfonso Duran
Alfonso Duran

A video on TikTok has been going viral of an LGBTQIA-based business involved in a crime scene clean-up crew from Florida. Sweeping up some of the most horrendous crimes you could think of.  The video shows one of its employees Fiona in Riverview Florida getting ready to enter a home where a man has been reported dead almost two weeks and his decomposed body parts and bodily fluids have seeped into the couches. Fiona goes through and shows us just how this person was living with trash piled to the ceiling. If you have never seen maggot cocoons you might want to take a peek at their TikTok account to have your world rocked and stomach flipped a few times.


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Florida is known for its beautiful skies and beautiful beach weather and some of the most cultural and diverse attractions you can get in the United States. Along with many attractions comes many distractions such as crime something we don’t often think about often is who cleans up the crime after the scene is done. Once the bodies and victims are apprehended who restores the way of life where the crime was committed?

Laura Spaulding founder and CEO of Spaulding Decon is a pioneer and mastermind establishing 37 franchises and ranked in the top 800 on the 202 Inc 500 list bringing in almost 5 million annually and the projected income for this year will reach more than 10 million (per The company is an LGBTQIA-based company allowing diversity and inclusiveness throughout their system and if you keep up no matter what you will see people of all shades and trades and the business is continuing to grow. Definitely worth a watch if you haven’t you can find the link to all their platforms here.