Viral TikTok Exposes Confederate Flag Hat at a College Party

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Image: @yaaszss | TikTok

In a recent TikTok posted by user @yaaszss, she exposes a college student wearing a confederate flag hat at a party. Although the creator gained followers from comedy and lifestyle content, she went viral with over 139 thousand likes from a video that was atypical of her usual content where she shows a college-aged student wearing a hat many consider incredibly offensive as it is associated with racism. In fact, even the student seems to understand the kind of things his hat represents, as he tries to cover himself in the video and asks her not to post it as he fears he will lose his scholarship.

The creator also posts his full name and Instagram account, revealing his college and that he is a baseball player with said college, where he most likely has his scholarship. Although some might debate that the confederate flag represents “Southern pride,” many agree that the hat is problematic and stands for a flag that flew when slavery was not only legal but also flown by states actively fighting for slavery to stay legal. Many were supportive of the creator for exposing this, one person wrote “You’re doing him a service tbh. He had to grow up and learn actions have consequences at some point.” But, some were not happy that the creator wanted to actively expose him for this, but she responded to many comments and was happy to stand up for her decision and why she did what she did.

And although the TikToker denies or confirms that the student she exposed in the video lost his scholarship or was removed from the team, she hints that some form of action was taken against the student. When one person said that he was doing great in life with a full ride, she responded saying “I have some bad news for you.” Many tried to water the situation down, as they thought that him being removed from the school for a “hat” would be inappropriate. But just as many explained before, the hat had a symbol of racism on it that many find offensive.

So, although the opinions were divided, it seems that many were happy that the TikToker exposed him, especially since he did not have a problem with wearing the hat until he realized he could be in serious trouble. Many pointed out that if he lost his scholarship, it would not be her fault, but his for wearing the hat in the first place.


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